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GT4T is like your own personal R2-D2 for translation.

GT4T is not just another translation app. It's a super add-on that helps you write in any language within any Windows/Mac window, and a super file translator that translates files on your own computer.

The Super Add-on

You still read or write in your usual apps: Gmail, Outlook, or Word. GT4T works in the background and converts your writing into another language at your command.

File Translator

Quickly translate many types of files including Office documents into any language, locally on your own computer, in batches, by simple drag & drop or right-click.

GT4T Loves You

Everyone is treated as the only customer. Not only can customer service be personalized, GT4T can be customized too. Make a demand and GT4T can add the feature within days.

GT4T Super Add-on

GT4T helps you read and write in ANY language -- to be accurate, any of the 379 languages

Many great things are simple. GT4T is one of them. But behind the scenes, it actually runs on 29 automatic translation engines. Whatever your language pair is, GT4T can always offer you the best automatic translation.

To read in a foreign language in any app

Select the text and press down the mouse middle wheel.

To write in a foreign language in any app

Type your message, select your message and press down Ctrl J (Command J on Mac).

The translators' productivity tool since 2009

GT4T is the super add-on that adds automatic translation functionality to all editor or CAT apps.

GT4T File Translator

GT4T File Translator can translate documents in batches.

GT4T can handle 21 file types including Office or desktop publishing documents. And if you are in the translation business and use a CAT tool, you can also use GT4T to translate Trados or other CAT projects. See a full list!

More secure

Unlike other online file translators, your files are not uploaded or saved on a remote server. Instead they are handled locally on your own computer. None of your translation data is ever collected by GT4T for any use whatsoever.

Easy to work with

You can right click on files and click "Translate using GT4T," drag the files to GT4T interface, or use the open-project buttons to quickly locate your files.

Use your own glossary

Add or paste your glossary to an Excel file and then GT4T will use your glossary to customize your translation.

Personalized Support

“Always a prompt and first class service”
Ciaran Rooney

Support comes directly from the developer, Dallas Cao. You will get quick responses on everything, including usage, bug reports, and feature requests. Personalized service is what we strive for. We fix issues quickly so you won't miss a deadline. We consider your suggestions seriously too. We want you to be happy.

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