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Translate json files

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GT4T File Translator can translate json files. You can specify keys that need to be translated.

Find files that need to be translated. Select them and drag and drop them to GT4T File Translator

  1. Left-click the GT4T icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up GT4T quick menu and click File Translator on the menu to start the GT4T File Translator.


  1. First confirm if the language pair is correct, if there is an error, click on the location as shown to change it. English to Spanish translation is taken as an example here.


  1. Select the file to be translated, hold down the left mouse button on the selected file, drag the mouse to the GT4T drag-and-drop area, and then release the left mouse button.


  1. “Specify key names” dialog appears. Check “Translate all keys with text values” if you want to translate all text values. If you want only translate certain keys, fill the “Specify key names” field with key names whose values need to be translated.


  1. After the translation is finished, there will be an additional GT4T_translated_Spanish (EspaƱol) folder. The translated files are in that folder.


** Tips ** GT4T can translate folders. Drag and drop a folder into GT4T File Translator to translate all files of the selected type under that folder and subfolders.