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How to convert the existing Simplified Chinese translation to Traditional Chinese in Trados

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Select ‘Translate target column of CAT files’ and then change the language pair to ‘Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese and then drag your English to Simplified Chinese CAT bilingual file to GT4T File Translator

GT4T can also translate the existing translations on the right column of a CAT file into another language. This feature is particularly useful when you want to convert an well-translated English to Simplified Chinese Trados file into English to Traditional Chinese.

For example, if you have such a Trados file with English on the left and Simplified Chinese on the right.

Trados bilingual file

  1. Start GT4T File Translator and click “Options” and select “Translate target column of CAT files”

GT4T File Translator options

  1. Set your language pair to “Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese”.

Set GT4T language pair

  1. Click “Open Trados Projects” above or use File Explorer to locate the corresponding bilingual .sdlxliff file. For detailed instructions see here. Drag and drop the file to GT4T File Translator and the translation process starts. Open the file in Trados again and you will see the Simplified Chinese column on the right is converted to Traditional Chinese.

Translated trados bilingual file

Other supported CAT bilingual files can be handled likewise. These supported file types include:

Memoq exported bilingual file .mqxlz

Wordfast project file .txlf

SmartCAT, wordbee, etc. exported bilingual file .xliff

CafeTrans project file .xlf

Memsource bilingual file .mxliff

Idiom WorldServer/Translation Workspace Xliff .xlz