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Translate Trados Studio .sdlxliff format bilingual files

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Find the .sdlxliff format file of the Trados project to be translated and drag and drop it onto the GT4T file translator interface.

GT4T runs on top of 29 automatic translation engines around the world. Whatever your language pair is, GT4T can always offer the best automatica translation possible.

  1. Left-click the GT4T icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up GT4T quick menu and click File Translator on the menu to start the GT4T File Translator.


  1. First confirm if the language pair is correct. In this example, the language pair is English to German.


  1. To translate a Trados project, you need to locate its sdlxliff files. You can quickly locate the Trados .sdlxliff files in one of two ways.

    Method 1

    • After starting Trados, double-click on the project to be translated to enter the “Files” view.
    • Right-click on the file you want to translate, and then click “Explore containing folder” on the menu.


    • Find the file you want to translate and drag and drop it onto the GT4T File Translator interface. The translation will start automatically.


    Method 2

    • Click the Trados projects button on the GT4T File Translator interface. A drop-down menu listing the last 10 Trados projects will appear.


    • Find the item you want to translate from the drop-down menu and click on it to quickly locate the .sdlxliff file for that item.
    • Select the file to be translated and click Open to start the translation.


    When using the Open Trados projects button, the language pair setting of the project must be the same as GT4T. Otherwise, it may locate the wrong folder.

  2. Once the translation is complete, double-click in the Trados file view to open the file.


** Attention ** Before using GT4T File Translator to translate, if the file to be translated is open in the editor, press Ctrl F4 to close the editing window, otherwise GT4T will translate the file but the Trados editing interface will not update automatically.