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Use the GT4T glossary to correct the automatic translation results

Go to GT4T main settings screen. Click Simple Glossary-> Edit Glossary to add a glossary entry.

Select Post-translate from the Fix automatic translation with Glossary drop-down menu. Translations in Glossary will then be used in the automatic translation.

Add glossary entries one by one

  1. Take English to German translation as an example, select an English word or phrase such as cat and press ctrl win j. The glossary search screen pops up. As the entry cat has not been added yet, so Found no entry is displayed.


  2. Press g in this screen to open the Add to Simple Glossary dialog box and add a translation. Here we add miao, and click Save to add the vocabulary entry successfully.


Add glossary entries in batches

  1. Go to GT4T main Settings Screen. Click Simple Glossary-> Edit Glossary


  2. The glossary will be automatically opened in Microsoft Excel, write or paste English in the first column, type or paste the corresponding German translation in the second column, and save the file.


Search the glossary

Select a term in any position in any window and press ctrl win d to query the glossary. Glossary can help with maintaining consistency in translation. You can add the terms provided by the client to GT4T Simple Glossary, and then you can check the glossary in any window at any time.

You can even paste previous bilingual translations provided by the client into the GT4T glossary to look up how a word has been translated in previous translations.


Correct automatic translation results using glossary

Go to GT4T main setting screen. click Simple Glossaryand select Post-translate from the Fix automatic translation with Glossary drop-down menu.


Fix automatic translation with Glossary feature works both for GT4T shortcuts and file translator.


Don’t forget to create a new vocabulary every time you start a new project. Note: Using glossary correction to automatically translate will affect the quality of the translation, please try to control the number of entries in the glossary and only add nouns.