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Translate Memoq projects using GT4T file translator

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Export the bilingual file on the Memoq edit page, then translate the file with the GT4T file translator, and when the translation is done, double-click the file to import it into Memoq.

GT4T runs on top of 29 automatic translation engines in the world. Whatever your language pair is, GT4T can always offer the best automatic translation possible.

Check out this video on working with Memoq.

  1. Under the memoQ edit page, click on Documentsand then click on the small triangle under the Export button to open the submenu. Then click on Export Bilingual.

 Exporting MemoQ bilingual files

  1. In the Export wizardinterface without launching anything, just click Export and it is recommended to save the exported file on the desktop or other location where you can find it easily.

 Exporting MemoQ bilingual files

  1. Select the exported file in step two, hold down the left mouse button on the selected file, drag the mouse to the GT4T drag-and-drop area, and then release the left mouse button. File translation starts automatically.


  1. When the translation is finished, click Import under Documents in Memoq, find the exported file in step two, and click OK to import the file back to Memoq.