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How to tell GT4T not to translate certain words

Go to GT4T main settings screen. Click Simple Glossary -> Edit Glossary to add a vocabulary entry.

When adding entries, keep the translation the same as the original.

Select Post-translatefrom the Fix automatic translation with Glossary drop-down menu. When translating again with GT4T, the entries in the glossary will no longer be translated.

When translating IT and software content, there are often a large number of terms that do not need to be translated. You can use GT4T’s glossary to set the terms that do not need to be translated as non-translatables, so that automatic translation will not translate these term. This can greatly improve the quality of the translation.

Add glossary entries one by one

  1. Take English to Chinese translation as an example, select an English word or phrase such as Spring Framework and press ctrl win j. The glossary search screen pops up. At this point, the entry Spring Framework has not been added yet, so the information of Found no entry is displayed.


  2. Press g in this screen to open the Add to Glossary dialog box. Make sure the translation box is the same as the original, also Spring Framework, and click Save.


Add glossary entries in Batches

  1. Go to GT4T main setting screen. Tap Simple Glossary-> Edit Glossary


  2. The glossary will be automatically opened in Microsoft Excel, write or paste English in the first column, type or paste the corresponding Chinese translation in the second column, and save it. In this example, we keep the second column the same with the first one.


Correct automatic translation results using glossary

Go to GT4T main setting screen. Click Simple Glossaryand select Post-translate from the Fix automatic translation with Glossary drop-down menu.


Fix automatic translation with Glossary works both for GT4T shortcuts and for the file translator.

In this example below, Spring Framework added as a non-translatable is no longer automatically translated to 春天框架.


Known Issues: When adding a glossary, if for example both Spring Frameworkand Spring are available, the short Spring should be placed last, allowing GT4T to match the long ones first.