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Using GT4T in CAT tools like Trados

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GT4T adds automatic translation capabilities to dozens of CAT tools. In CAT tools such as Trados,

  • Place input cursor in the target box and press Ctrl Alt J to translate the current segment.
  • Press Ctrl Alt K to translate the next segment.
  • Press Ctrl Alt Win J to get multiple translations of the current segment to choose from.
  • Press Ctrl Alt Win K to get multiple translations of the next segment.
  • Press Ctrl Shift J to translate multiple segments.
  • Press Ctrl Shift K to get multiple translations of segments one after another.

GT4T runs on top of 29 global automatic translations, ensuring it will give you the best automatic translation available for any language pair.

The CAT tools supported by GT4T are: Trados Studio, CafeTran, Dejavu, Memsource, Memoq, Wordfast, translate5, Crowdin, Heartsome Translation Studio, Across Translator, Smartling, Swordfish, Fluency Now, OmegaT, Transifex Editor, Sony Online Translation Tool, Alchemy CAtalyst, 译马网, XTM, Transit, Lokalise, Idiom WorldServer, TransTool, Scriben, 雪人, SmartCat, Marseditor, Yicat.

GT4T provides a number of keyboard shortcuts specific to CAT tools. To use these shortcuts, you do not need to select the original text first. Just put the input cursor in the target box and press the desired shortcut. There are a lot of shortcuts. You don’t need to remember all of them, just the one or two you need.

  1. Suppose you have a Trados project that needs to be translated from English to Chinese.


  1. First, you can mouse over the GT4T icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and confirm that the current language pair is from English to Chinese. If not, click hereto learn how to change the language pair.


  1. The target box of the current segment is empty, press Ctrl Alt J on the keyboard, and the translation will appear in the target box.


  1. You can also press Ctrl Alt Win J to get multiple automatic translations, use up or down arrow on your keyboard to select, and press Enteror space to insert the selected translation.


  1. You can also use Ctrl Shift J to start translating multiple segments in a row, and press Ctrl Shift K to bring up multiple auto-translation results. When you select to insert a translation and multiple translations of the next segment will pop up.

** Tips ** GT4T can pre-translate CAT projects and CAT format files in batches. For details, see GT4T File Translator