GT4T knowledge base

How to buy

Click Buy Pro on GT4T Quick Menu, click a package to start purchasing.

  1. Left click on the GT4T icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, then click Buy Pro.


  2. Click to select a package to start purchasing. Your GT4T will be activated automatically after successful payment.


Packages and Fees

  1. The monthly/yearly packages allow unlimited use of the shortcuts provided by GT4T, but there is a limit of 100,000 characters per month when using the file translator.
  2. The character packages have no feature limitations. the characters you buy won’t expire.
  3. The actual number of characters deducted for each engine under a character package varies.
  4. The Pro1/Pro2/Pro3 prices are different because the Pro1 characters are based on the most expensive engine and Pro3 on the cheapest. There is no substantial difference between Pro1/Pro2/Pro3 when you buy a character package.
  5. The more characters you buy at once, the bigger the discount.

Details of the package difference charges can be found at Pricing.

Which package should I buy?

  1. If you are a translator and use GT4T only as a supplementary translation tool and rarely use the file translator, you can buy the recommended monthly/yearly package.
  2. If you are a company or team, or mainly use GT4T to translate files, or you use sparsely, it is recommended to purchase the character package.

Monthly/yearly packages can activate only one computer at a time. Character packages can activate multiple computers at the same time.