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Convert Japanese in Polite Form (Keigo, Masu Form) to Plain Form (Dictionary Form, Ru Form)

GT4T can batch convert Japanese sentences ending in polite forms into plain forms, for example, turning

日本語を学ぶのは楽しいです。 時には本当に大変なことになることもあります。



Set the language direction of GT4T to Japanese to Japanese, and check “End Japanese sentences in plain forms”

Select Japanese text, press the shortcut key ctrl j, and the selected content will be converted to plain forms.

You can also use the document translator; just drag and drop the file you want to convert onto the GT4T document translator interface.


  1. First, click here to download and install the latest version of GT4T.
  2. After GT4T is running, a blue machine head icon will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click it once with the left mouse button, then click “Language Pair” in the menu.

Change Language pair

  1. Set the language pair as “Japanese to Japanese” and check “End Japanese sentences in plain forms.”

Set language pair

Use shortcut keys

At any place where content can be input, select the original Japanese honorific text, then press the shortcut key ctrl j, the selected content will be converted to plain forms. As in Microsoft Word, see the video below:

Use the shortcut key ctrl j

Use a document translator

  1. Find the GT4T blue robot head icon at the bottom right of the screen, click it with the left mouse button to bring up the menu, then click “File Translator.”

Start GT4T File Translator

  1. Find the file to be converted, select it, and drag and drop it into the GT4T file translator.

Drag and drop files

  1. After processing, click “Click here to find the translated file” on the GT4T File Translator interface to open the folder containing the converted file.

Find the converted file

Hint: To batch convert files, you can select multiple files, or one or more folders, and drag and drop them onto the GT4T File Translator interface.